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My account was locked some two or so years back for telling the truth.

I was trying to warn folks so they would not commit suicide with the Killer Jabs for a Mythical Illness, but Twitter Litter wanted the people dead!

So Twitter Litter was sold by one Ratschild’s Bitch to another Ratschild’s Bitch,

and now Twitter litter is going to fight the Ratschild’s evil and bull shit?

The with Pigs Fornicating sheep Monkey’s memories are almost as long as their dicks.

Their brains are almost a big as their balls.

If I had to use one picture as an example of “humanities” history of this rock, it would be this one.

And only because I could not find one with a sheep having it’s head shoved up it’s own ass.

What needs to happen is all the evil F##ks who lied and covered up the truth of the Killer Jabs being a Chemical/biological Euthanasia jab to kill off millions of sheep monkeys, Ass Book, Twitter Litter, MSM, Popes, Priest, ministers, doctors, Sunday school teachers, politicians, need to be dragged shitting their pants before Nuremberg common Law Tribunals, given fair trials and fair hangings!

Cousin George says!
No mercy.
No amnesty.
No forgetting.
Mass Murderers Must Hang!

Friend and I were discussing the current situation and “humanity” couple of days back.

In his opinion he thinks “humanity” may well help the jackals kill humanity off until the species is extinct.

I told him I had considered that option as a solution to the shit hole ‘humanity’ has made of things, but then realized if the “human” race became extinct, the with Pigs Fornicating sheep monkey souls would just infect some other innocent species of animal.

looking back, I see why Lucifer was punished for giving knowledge to the “humans”.
They never achieved the hopes he had that they could become advanced spiritual beings.

Such a waste of time and resources.

Of course it was not all a waste.
Lucifer learned some hard lessons.

The Ole Dog!

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