American Sheep, USA/DC PEDO Political Whores Sold Your Asses To The Highest Bidders, The Pedo Rothschild’s

The pedophilic Political prostitutes of USA/DC play Good Cop/Bad Cop with the sheep.

It is a fact all of America’s defensive weapons could not have been shipped to Ukraine without the Republiphiles help and keeping their mouths shut.

It is a fact all US Military personal could not have been Killer Jabbed so they will all fall dead if exposed to the stress of combat without the willing support of the Republiphiles.

‘Recent Data Shows ‘Stunning Increase’ In Serious Harm Reports In Young Healthy Pilots: Army Lt. Col. Theresa Long’

The WHORES of Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac are doing their best to stir up revolution and chaos in the streets by their in your face treasonous actions.

When they get enough shit going in the streets and “invite” UN troops into America to “reestablish order”, they are making sure there are no American defencive weapons or military troops who can fight to stop their treason and betrayal of America/Americans.

The Ole Dog!

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