American Sheep, USA/DC PEDO Political Whores Sold Your Asses To The Highest Bidders, The Pedo Rothschild’s

The pedophilic Political prostitutes of USA/DC play Good Cop/Bad Cop with the sheep. It is a fact all of America’s defensive weapons could not have been shipped to Ukraine without the Republiphiles help and keeping their mouths shut. It is a fact all US Military personal could not have been Killer Jabbed so they will […]

Starting today, anyone can request that we review a suspended Twitter Litter account for reinstatement under our new criteria. You can submit an appeal here:

WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER! My account was locked some two or so years back for telling the truth. I was trying to warn folks so they would not commit suicide with the Killer Jabs for a Mythical Illness, but Twitter Litter wanted the people dead! So Twitter Litter was sold by one Ratschild’s Bitch to […]