US VP’s own party questions her Ability to Sleep Her Way To The Top Slot

Let’s face it.
When she was a young whore Legs straight up in the air under a married politician 40 years older than her young ass Harris could “sleep” her way up the political ladder.

Anyone who has ever watched her embarrass herself trying to cobble together a coherent sentence knows it was her female plumbing and not her brain got her where she is.

Well there is her mouth but it works best when things are inserted in and not when words are coming out.

Let’s face the facts.
Historically she has done her best “work” with her feet in the air not thinking on her feet.

Legs Harris saying Americans should not be allowed to have weapons of self defense

Sometimes in the dark still wee hours of the night cousin George Washington and I have conversations on what the with pigs fornicating sheep monkey Americans have done to his country, and frankly he does not know whether to be deeply ashamed, totally embarrassed or pissed off beyond reason of the pedophiles and whores holding forth in Sdodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac.

Oh yes.
Cousin George says to please introduce a bill in congress to remove Washington from the name of that cess pool of corruption where children cower necked in fear in the dark basements of “government” buildings.

The Ole Dog!

US VP’s own party questions her Ability to Sleep Her Way To The Top Slot

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