CIA (OSS) trained Communist Terrorist to overthrow USA’s claimed ally of Nationalist china

Including paying $10,000 1945 dollars to have American general George S Patton murdered because Patton was trying to stop Rothschild’s pre-planned Cold War and takeover of Washington DC with red Russian communism

In 1949 the CIA murdered James Forrestal,the last Cabinet-level United States Secretary of the Navy and the first United States Secretary of Defense.

He did not like Rothschild’s red Russian communism, was a loyal American and opposed the formation of the “state of Israel” as bad for America.

Imagine that!

Then the CIA murdered American WW2 hero and US senator Joe Macarthy because he was exposing high high up in the military and DC political offices the treasonous moles of Rothschild’s red Russian communism had climbed.

Then in 1963, JFK was going to stop Rothschild’s Israhell from getting Illegal Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction, pull American troops out of the Rothschild’s pre-planned Viet Nam war

and destroy the Rothschild controlled Anti-American CIA.

But after they blew JFK’s brains out in public, Israhell got their illegal nukes

America was dragged through the killing fields of the Viet Nam war for ten more years then retreated with her tail between her legs with tens of thousands of Americans dead from combat and the aftermath of PTSD, drugs and alcohol plus suicide of Veterans,

And the Anti-American CIA is still betraying and butt F##king America today.

CIA directer and serial child rapist George BadBush Sr.

Anti-American Israhell Firster PompousAss

And the American with Pigs Fornicating Sheep monkeys go Bhaaaaaaaa!

The Ole Dog!

The Soviet (Rothschild) Origins of the ANTI-AMERICAN CIA (CALLED OSS DURING WW2)

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