Turn Out The Lights, The USA Empire Party is OVER!

Once Americans had a good country.
She was a beautiful land, productive, faithful and strong.
But the fickle Americans were not satisfied with a good wholesome life with a loyal good land.

They looked with lust across the ocean to the debauchery lifestyle of the European lands their forefathers had left behind seeking a better life.

The Americans took Khazarian Usury loans on their good land to finance a spree of consorting with painted diseased European harlots.

Leaving the affections of America behind, they did debotury with moral-less diseased losers who cared only for what they could gain by consorting with the gullible Americans.

In due time, they brought the diseases they caught from the European sluts back and infected their first love with them.

One day they awoke with a throbbing head, sick with social diseases and realized they were broke and no longer was America the good loyal land, but because of their association with evil, they had turned America into what their forefathers had been running from when they left the gutters of Europe to come to America.

The Empire they had replaced their country with was dying, and there was no easy way back to the goodness and innocence of a good land they had wasted on painted whores in drunken stupors.

Turn out the Lights, the party’s over!

The Ole Dog!

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