Memphis police chief covered up child sex crime

Police are sometimes the worst at abusing children as they hide behind their badges, like pedophile priest and ministers hide behind the pulpit and bible.

I personally know of a case in the city where I live in which a cop repeatably raped his step daughter “because her mother was not giving him enough sex”.

When the daughter finally told the mother, she did not want to believe it as she already had a kid by the cop and facing the truth and protecting her daughter would have meant loosing her security of a steady income and a warmer place to sleep.

So the pedophile cop dragged the child to the police station where a fellow cop, probably a pedo also, illegally administered a “lie detector test” which he told the cowardly “mother” the child had failed, so the mother threw the child to the dogs for a warmer place to sleep.

The end result was a train wreck life for the child who grew up very messed up as one might imagine.

America used to have Peace Officers.
Now America has law enFORCEment goons who many times are the most evil dregs of society.

The Ole Dog!

CJ Davis allegedly told detectives not to investigate the husband of a colleague after images of him with underage girls were found.

Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn ‘CJ’ Davis, whose officers brutally beat Tyre Davis to death, had been previously fired by the Atlanta Police Department for deliberately botching a sex crimes probe, according to local news outlet the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Davis was demoted from major to lieutenant and then fired in 2008 after a city investigation found her at fault for taking “no action” on the case of a police sergeant’s husband who ultimately pleaded guilty to a federal charge of producing child pornography.

Two detectives claimed Davis had ordered them not to investigate Terrill Marion Crane after police found sexually explicit images of him with underage girls. His wife, Sgt. Tonya Crane, resigned before the department could discipline her.

Davis challenged her firing with Atlanta’s Civil Service Board and was eventually reinstated. She spent seven more years with the department, later taking a post as police chief in Durham, North Carolina, before she was appointed Memphis’ first female police chief in 2021.

Davis’ department is in the national spotlight after the fatal beating of unarmed black motorist Tyre Nichols during a traffic stop led to the firing of the five officers involved. It recently emerged that two of those officers were hired after the department dramatically lowered its hiring standards by loosening education and experience requirements as it faced a critical manpower shortage.


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