Cop Gets Wrist Slap After Pleading Guilty to Torturing Innocent Dad in Front of Kids, Tasering His Testicles-WE BACK THE BLUE GROUPIES MASTURBATE TO VIDEO

I am a person who believes people should pay for their crimes.

Under Common Law, (this is the type law American Law was founded on, but not the law used in America today) if a soul does not harm another without just cause such as self defence, defence of family and home, or damage another’s property, no crime has been done and no court has jurisdiction over the act.

THE USA illegally switched to Statutory Pleadings which means the child rapers of government can make any rule they want to stealing God Given rights from humans, beat, rape, kidnap, imprison, murder, and have for some intelligent person walking across the street when no traffic was coming, but not in the “mandatory” crosswalks!

The “puritan” yankee arguing with God!

Crimes are things like politicians, preachers, judges, cops, and prosecutors raping children.

Crimes are things like carjackings, thieving repeat offenders turned loose on society again and again by pedophile judges, who break into homes, rape women, murder innocent people.

It is a proven scientific fact the pedophile who is executed never rapes another child.
The woman raper who is executed never rapes another women.
The thief executed never carjacks or breaks into another home again.
The cop executed for shit like was done in this story, or the beating to death of an innocent man by five cops in Memphis while he called for his mother who had done no crime, never again does such evil crimes against humanity.

I believe evil ass holes should pay for their crimes, ESPECIALLY when they took an oath to “SERVE AND PROTECT”, not beat, rape and murder!

The Ole Dog!

Glendale, AZ — As TFTP reported, disturbing bodycam video showed Arizona cops tasering a man 11 times, including on the testicles, as his horrified family screamed for them to stop. After the horrifying incident, the main culprit cop went back on duty, having faced no accountability. However, last September, officer Matthew Schneider was hit with three criminal counts of aggravated assault after body camera footage went viral. The charges came after Schneider quietly resigned in 2020.

This week, Schneider — knowing the evidence against him was far too much to deny — pleaded guilty in court.

“Your honor, I’m standing before the court today as something in a million years I would never dreamed I’d be, a convicted criminal,” said Schneider, who was reading a prepared statement to the court. “As you know, I come from a law enforcement family… It’s hard to describe the shame I felt telling the people who raised me and were excellent role models, that I would be pleading guilty today. It was even harder when I had to tell my kids.”

He added, “I accept full responsibility for my actions on July 26, 2017. I tried to do my absolute best as a police officer and human being that day and it wasn’t good enough.”

If that was his best, however, the residents of Glendale are lucky he’s no longer a police officer. Despite this admission, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Patricia Starr gave this sadistic cop a slap on the wrist, ordering him to pay fines totaling $115 as she expressed her sympathies.

“You’ve suffered for the last five and half years the consequences of what’s happened. Your family has suffered the consequences of what happened. You’ve lost a lot of things that were very important to you,” Starr said. “What you did with that is now what a lot people would do, you picked yourself up, found something else and are now excelling at that. So, I would see no purpose what’s so ever to put you on probation… I see the loss of your career as a very severe punishment that’s already happened to you.”

To recap, Scheider dragged an innocent man from his car during a stop based on lies and then repeatedly tasered him in his genitals as his family watched in horror. He then lied to justify his actions. According to the judge, Scheider — not his innocent victim and his family — is the one who suffered.

The victim, Johnny Wheatcroft, and his family sued the city of Glendale which argued its officers were entitled to qualified immunity. The city asked U.S. District Judge Michael Liburdi to issue summary judgment in their favor.


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