Bush Lied To Illegally In A War Crime Holocaust Iraq Children For Power and Profit

Everything which walks on two legs among you is not human.



I am Mr. History with the University entrance exam score to back that statement up with forty plus years since then going down deep rabbit holes of history.

The war of 1812 against Britain is sold as a war which was fought to stop British Man of War Navy ships from forcibly taking merchant sailors from yankee merchant ships to serve as seamen in the British Navy.

That is yankee bull shit.

Yes Britain was doing such.
Serving on a British navy ship was a fate worse than death many times.
Bad food and evil officers who made the seamen’s lives a living hell.
So people voluntarily signing up to serve on these ships was a problem.


The yankee ship’s owners and captains did not give a shit about the common sailors stolen by Britain.
They were easily replaced with other poor yankees needing work.

In fact the yankees of MassAss were dead set against the war, threatened to secede from the union because of the war, would not send their troops to try to stop the British from burning the US capital when that fired it.
(A rainstorm put out the flames.)

All during the war the yankee ships and captains carried on a profitable smuggling commerce with Britain.

That war was an attempt for the US to steal Canada from Britain so the US Empire could be huge.

The late war of yankee invasion, gang rapes of children, minister’s daughters and pregnant women to death, mass murder, arson and theft on an industrial scale was not a “civil” war.

A civil war is when two or more factions try to control the same government.
Southern countries did not try to take over WASHINGTON DC

Session was not prohibited by the constitution, and was not even in a kangaroo court declared so until Texas vs White in 1869, four years AFTER the illegal yankee war was over.

The war was NOT about slavery.

Lincoln hated blacks, told them to their face he considered them sub human, never should be allowed to live around whites, marry a white, or vote.
He belonged to an organization which wanted to ship all blacks out of America so they would not “contaminate” white society

The war was about continuing to steal the wealth of the South for the yankee states and building an empire.

The Spanish American war was NOT about the USS Maine blowing up or “freeing Spain’s American Colonies.

The Cubans the US was worried about were kept as slaves and 2nd class citizens by the USA until Fidel Castro kicked the US out.
And starving the Cubans is a thing US has done for generations in retaliation for being kicked out of Cuba

As for the Maine which had no business in a Cuban harbor to begin with, modern examination of the sunken Maine proves it was not blown up by Spain, the only question which remains is whether it blew up from a bad design of the ship, or if USA blew up their own ship with US sailors aboard to start the war.

As for freeing Spain’s colonies, they were just transferred from Spain to US to become USA colonies.

US “freed” the Philippine people from Spain.
But when the natives asked for self rule, USA had to kill the hell out of the ungrateful Philippine natives

World War ONE was none of USA’s business.
It was a pre-planned Rothschild’s European Banker’s Usury war.

The Rothschilds have controlled the UK for generations.

They still do.

In a moment of bragging, a Rothschild actually told the truth.

Woodrow Wilson was a not all that smart treasonous bastard who sold America and Americans out to the Rothschild clan to be made president.

He repaid them by signing into law the act with turned America’s money matters over to the Rothschilds, ‘THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT’.

The “Federal Reserve” is not federal, it has no reserves and it is not a bank, it is a Usury scam by which the Rothschilds have stolen through usury most of Americans wealth.
That’s why the paper not backed by anything US paper Dollar is in free fall in worth and everything cost way too much.

Next he paid them back by dragging America into WW 1 which the American people wanted nothing to do with to save England which had instigated the war for the benefit of the Rothschilds from defeat at the hands of Germany which did not start the war, but which was winning.

The official agreement between the UK government and the Rothschilds that the Rothschilds would arrange the False Flag to drag America into WW1 to save England which started the war for the Rothschilds from defeat at the hands of the Germans in exchange for Britain stealing Palestine from the Palestinians and “giving” it to the Rothschilds

The US in violation of claiming Neutrality in the war was sending war materials to kill Germans with.
In a second crime, in violation of the Laws of the Sea, Admiralty Law, US loaded these explosive war materials on a passenger ship, the HMS Lusitania.

Germany took out full page ads in major American papers warning Americans not to sail on her as she was carrying war materials to murder Germans with so was a legal war target for sinking.

The US government poo-pooed the warning and encouraged Americans to sail on her.
Winston Churchill who was Lord of the British admiralty had her sailed off the coast of Ireland where he knew German submarines were sinking British merchant ships, pulled all her military escorts off to make it easy for Germany to sink her, and they did.

A bit over two hundred Americans died in the sinking and the US Government which had them murdered so they could drag America into the war, started screaming about their deaths like a vestal virgin who has been gang raped.

WW 2 was also instigated by Britain for the Rothschilds.
FDR who was a Rothschild’s Bitch

Had to promise the American people who wanted nothing to do with yet another Rothschild’s European Pre-planned usury bankers war

If elected to a 3ed term he would keep America out of the war, all the while scheming to drag America into the war which again, was non of America’s business.

First he had the USA government which was claiming neutrality, again, to again arm England to kill Germans.
To try to get Germany to sink a US naval ship as an excuse to get into the war, he had in violation of neutrality laws, US navy ships escorting British Merchant ships loaded with contraband war materials from the US government.

The Germans refused to take the bait and would not sink a US ship.

So FDR took to antagonizing Japan with economic sanctions.
He moved the US 7th fleet from san Francisco where it was completely safe to the Polynesian Kingdom of Hawaii the US was illegally by implied force occupying where the Japanese could reach them.

He had ordered when the ships were in harbor for the shells for their weapons and guns be kept locked below in bunkers.
He had the ships sitting there without steam so they could not move.

He made sure he had the aircraft carriers he did not want to lose out to sea when the attack which he knew was coming, came.

He had all the aircraft on the airfields put all together in circles so they would make easy targets.

The Navy admiral and Army general scapegoated for FDR’s preplanned disaster spent the rest of the lives begging for court marshals so they could introduce evidence of FDR’s guilt and their innocence, but were never allowed their day in court.

During WW2, FDR and then Truman kept stopping General George Patton from ending the war in Europe so as to give the Soviets time to get into position to cause the Rothschild’s pre-planned Cold War.

Patton would have ended the war no later than September 1944 if No Combat Coward Ike had not taken his supplies away to stop him from crossing the Rhine.

There were three countries still between the advancing red Russian communist troops and Germany, and USSR had to be given time to gobble up those countries and half of Germany to set up the Cold War.

If Patton had been allowed to end the war in late 1944, the battle of the Bulge would not have happened where more Americans were killed in the European war than any other battle to include the D Day landings.

Patton warned the No Combat Coward Rothschild’s Bitch Ike not to put American troops on R & R in that area because of the danger of a German counterattack there and was told to shut up, he was nuts.

When it happened Patton pulled out of battle, marched his troops over a hundred miles without sleep in the worst winter storm anyone had seen in Europe in generations, and saved the USA’s ass again.

If Patton had not stopped the Germans at the Bulge there is a very good likelihood the Allies would have been kicked back across the English Channel and would have had to have agreed to a political end to the war.

After the war was over Patton saw the treason of the USA government and Ike collaborating with the Communist and still tried to stop the pre-planned Cold War.

So USA murdered him.

DEATH-THE MURDER OF GENERAL PATTON by Stephen Skueik who worked Inteligence Under Patton, and who the US Military Brass threw in jail and tried to ruin for warning of the plan to murder Patton.

Click to access Death%20of%20Patton%20_%20S%20J%20Skubik.pdf

If the USA had not murdered Patton, there would have been no Cold War.
This means there would have been no Americans dying in Korea which would not have happened.
This means there would have been no Americans dying in Viet Nam which would not have happened, and which the USA used the False Flag of the Gulf of Tonkin “incident” to drag America into the years long kill zone of an unwindable war America should never have been involved in.

Then there was Desert Storm in which Papa CIA BadBush the serial Child Rapist seemed to give permission for Saddam to invade Kuwait and then use the Invasion as a means of birthing the Rothschild’s New World Communist Unelected Dictatorship “Order”.

Then his Draft Dodging closet homosexual village idiot son helped attack America in New York on September the 11th, 2001 in a False Flag, Holocausting 3,000 Americans in one day as an excuse to fight wars for the Rothschild’s with American treasure and blood for the last two generations.

There are only two wars in American history which were justified.

The American Revolution against Britain, because Americans had the right to decide their own destiny.
Not that they did a good job of that.

And the Confederacy’s war of defense against illegal invasion by terrorist USA yankee troops.

And today, the blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery Child Rape video political whores of USA/DC

are doing their damn best to drag America into an unwindable war with Russia and China, neither which will benefit but help to finish off what is left of America.

To make sure Americans could not win the wars the whores of DC are trying to start, all the US troops have been Killer Jabbed so they will fall down dead with strokes and heart attacks under the exertion and stress of battle, and all America’s weapons are being shipped to Ukraine a make do war Russia could have ended inside a week if they had wanted to.

Usury banker’s pre-planned wars have not worked out well for America and Americans.

Perhaps it is time for Americans to convene Nuremberg War Crime Common Law Tribunals for all treasonous DC political whores betraying American left alive, and institute a new form of governing ourselves.

The Ole Dog!

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