Truth Is The Eternal Enemy of the Sheep

Truth is the eternal enemy of the sheep-
Being exposed to the truth causes sheep lack of sleep-

Truth causes the sheep to pee and poop their wool-
Truth causes the contents of their colon to be a watery non solid stool-

Truth is not welcomed in polite societies Big Lier’s Club-
Truth is an irritant to sheep society, the wrong way it does rub-

Facing self reliance and reality is too frightening to bear-
Knowing of the pile of dried sheep bones around the jackals lair-

Would require a set of balls, a change of ways, a non sheep like plan-
Would require the sheep to act like humans, it would demand-

A non herd like attitude humbling one’s sheep self to God’s will-
Which for a sheep is like climbing the peak of the highest hill-

For a sheep Truth is a very bitter hateful medicine to swallow-
For in lies and self pity they do love to wallow-

When the sheep stand before the the record of their ill spent earthly strife-
Not being able to lie will be the worst day of their entire screwed up ball-less life-

The Ole Dog!

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