PEDDLING ROTHSCHILD’S PROPAGANDA-Ratschild’s Bitch Elon Musk “comes clean”, says Killer Jabs caused him and his family “major side effects” and “a serious case of myocarditis”

Ratschild Bitch the Trickster Trumpeter shows Ratschild Bitch Musk the proper way to give a BJ to a Rat.

Dressed up as a warrior for the Dark Side, an Imp of Hell.

Some 30 shekel whores who serve the dark side like Musk often use things which have already become known about the evil antics of the dark side to Bolster their illusion of fighting the dark side.

In this case a minion of the Ratschilds claims to have taken the killer jab along with his family.

There is no proof of this claim beyond the word of a whore of the dark side of which the BIG LIE is their stock and trade.

But as it is already common knowledge the Killer Jab is holocausting millions of humans, a minion of the dark side some like your’s truly are pointing out is a Ratschild’s bitch making war on humanity, uses known evil against humans by his MASTER to try to keep people thinking he is on Humanity’s side instead of helping the Rats Butt F##K humanity.

The Ole Dog!

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