‘Gay clubs’ run in seminaries, says Pope Benedict in posthumous attack on Francis

Pedophile Pope Benedict:

Who any perceptive human could see the Legion of Demons looking out from behind his eyes

Has from hell pointed an accusing finger at the present pedophile pope.

Queer “clubs” operate openly in Roman Catholic seminaries.
The institutions that prepare pedophiles for the priesthood run by a pedophile pope have queer clubs, watch porno, and other pissing in the face of God activities like teaching communism.

In a attack on the state of the Pedophilic Communist One World Government Roman Catholic Church under his successor’s papacy, the late Pope Benedict XVI who died on Dec 31 at the age of 95,
has claimed in a posthumously published book condemning of Pedophile Pope Francis’s progressive agenda.

He said that the vocational training of the next generation of priests is on the verge of “collapse”.

He claimed that some bishops allow trainee priests to watch pornographic films as an outlet for their sexual urges.

Benedict gave instructions that the book, What Christianity Is, should be published after his death.

I really don’t know why he published the book besides a personal vendetta for being forced to resign as head pedophile as the Roman slave religion’s Vatican has a damn near two thousand year history and track record of raping little children.

It don’t matter who is pope, the evil against children continues.

Pedo Pope giving private “blessing” to Mossad’s Child Rape Pimp Mossad Jeffery and his Mossad Madam

I am not against individual Catholics or Catholic Churches, but the Vatican is a cess pool of pedophiles, always has been.

Hell, I have been Catholic in some of my former lives.
Of course I also told a pope to go F##k himself and got excommunicated.

I have good friends who are Catholic, like the lady who understands reincarnation and says most priest she knows are queers.

Personally the priest can butt F##K and blow each other all they want, but they need to leave God’s little Children alone.

The Ole Dog!

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