Pedo Mass Murderer Killer Jabber Rothschild’s Bitch Bill Gates “US Should Be More Conciliatory To China”

The child raping mass murdering via syringes loaded with CHEMICAL/BIOLOGICAL WITCH’S BREW VOODOO “vaccines Bill Rothschild’s Bitch Gates says Americans just need to accept red Russian Khazarian Communism via Rothschild’s CCP and shut the F##K up! The child raping mass murderer said the United States and Australia should adopt a more conciliatory approach to working […]

PEDDLING ROTHSCHILD’S PROPAGANDA-Ratschild’s Bitch Elon Musk “comes clean”, says Killer Jabs caused him and his family “major side effects” and “a serious case of myocarditis”

Some 30 shekel whores who serve the dark side like Musk often use things which have already become known about the evil antics of the dark side to Bolster their illusion of fighting the dark side. In this case a minion of the Ratschilds claims to have taken the killer jab along with his family. […]

‘Gay clubs’ run in seminaries, says Pope Benedict in posthumous attack on Francis

Pedophile Pope Benedict: Who any perceptive human could see the Legion of Demons looking out from behind his eyes Has from hell pointed an accusing finger at the present pedophile pope. Queer “clubs” operate openly in Roman Catholic seminaries. The institutions that prepare pedophiles for the priesthood run by a pedophile pope have queer clubs, […]