Brothers in arms-Dire Straits

On my wall hang swords representative of my many former lives and wars.

A few include a greek/Macedonian Hoplite sword, a Roman Gladius, a Viking sword, A Normand arming sword, a two handed knight’s sword, an American Revolution war sword, a Confederate Staff & Field officer’s sword, a M1913 US cavalry saber, a WW 1 bayonet, a WW2 bayonet and the M-16 Bowie bayonet I carried this life.

Beside them hangs a broken pocket watch with only one hand and a ball point pen.

It tells me there is no time, the past is the past, the future is the future and right now, the present is all which matters.
The pen is a challenge to me to find out if the pen is really mightier than the sword.

Looking back on the wars I fought, I see any peace achieved was fleeting, the kingdoms and empires did not last.

The bodies were piled high, the blood ran in rivers.
The suffering and sorrow were multiplied again and again.

It seems to me there will be no peace until humans learn to live in peace, desire peace more than riches and power.

Sometimes those who want peace are forced to take up arms to fight the evil which would consume their county, their families and the peace they desire.
Such a man will fight with an anger, a savagery, a desperation which makes him a thing to be feared by those who forced him to take up arms through their evil, lust of wealth and power.

His peace has been stolen from him.
Only his bloodlust for destroying those who stole his peace is left.

The Ole Dog!

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