Woman Raped as a Child Commits Suicide After Years Of Struggling With The Trauma: Athlete Was Raped by Child Raper Running Coach

The baby raper who raped this woman got 10 years in jail.
The child received a life sentence which she could only end by taking her own life.

What the hell is wrong with this picture?

And you hypocrites who call yourself christians, and claim your nation is a christian nation, why are you pissing in the face of Jesus the Christ by not executing baby rapers?

The only way to stop perverted evil baby rapers from raping more children is to kill their evil asses.
It is a scientific fact a baby raper who is executed NEVER rapes another child.

When a child is raped, it is a life sentence of pain, emotional and mental hell.

The strong ones deal with the evil done to them the best they can, and forge ahead making a life, but the pain, the feelings of violation never goes away.
Their innocence was stolen so some pervert could have a few minutes of perverse pleasure, leaving the child damaged for life.

Some children feel no decent person would want them as a mate and spend their lives going from one meaningless sexual fling to another desperately searching for the love they will never find.

Often alcohol or drugs are abused to try to kill the pain.

Many will develop a compartmentalized mind where the evil violations of innocence were done to someone else, developing multiple personalities so they can in a damaged way continue telling themselves the evil was not done to them.

The memories are shoved deep down in a segmented brain and the person struggles the rest of their life to keep those horrifying memories from surfacing.

Any “judge” or “prosecutor” who does not demand death for a baby raper is probably one themselves.

The WHO, heads of states, college professors, preachers, priest are caterwauling of having mercy for baby rapers and even making baby raping “legal”.

Any ass hole advocating for leniency for baby rapers, or legalizing baby raping should be given a fair trial and a fair hanging as it is more than likely many shattered children they have raped lay in the wake of their past lives.

Enough of this bull shit!!!

An innocent child is the closest thing to God on this rock.
Any evil ass hole who condones the stealing of innocence from God’s little children should be executed on this rock.

Then on the other side they will be dealt with by a higher power than exist on the human plaine!

The Ole Dog!

Woman Raped as a Child Commits Suicide After Years Of Struggling With The Trauma: Athlete Was Raped by Child Raper Running Coach

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