Head Line: -Florida Should Leave the United States If The WHO Treaty Is Signed

As George Carlin said, “the average American is stupid, and it goes downhill from there”.

When I see opinions such as this expressed not personally knowing the opinionated one I can not say definitively if the person is genetically dumb as a rock, got dropped on their head one too many times as a baby or is just playing stupid.

I know in our senior years a brother and I have talked about things we did not when we were younger.
One of the things we had mutually came to understand separately was this.

We both agreed in our younger years, when we tried to explain something to someone which was so plain to us, and saw the deer in the headlights look in their eyes, we thought they were just playing stupid for some reason.

After a life time of dealing with Americans, we both came to the same conclusion separately.

They were not playing stupid!
They really were stupid!!!

So as in this case I can not say which of the three possibilities led the person to put this nonsense into print, but it is either stupidity or 30 shekel propaganda meant to bolster the false idea the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” corporation is a legal, legitimate government.

Florida can not leave the United States because the United States does not exist, has not existed for 162 years.

Lincoln who’s own family would not vote for and could not in an election carry his home territory as they knew him too well,

And closet homosexual who shacked up with men.

murdered the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union replacing with a corporation which was a Mandatory Military Dictatorship thinly disguised as a constitutional republic.

George Washington is not the father of the ‘UNITED STATES’ CORPORATION.
The war criminal mass murderer Lincoln is the father of the current communistic shit hole.

Florida among other Southern counties called states legally seceded from the old United States

when they saw the lying rabidly racist against Africans atheist closet homosexual Marxist yankee gentuza killing the Volunteer Union and replacing it with a Soviet Styled Marxist military dictatorship.

As God said, and it applies to the USA/DC, they are liars and the truth is not in them.

The Non Civil war of the yankees illegally invading a foreign to the USA Confederation of countries was not fought to free slaves.

Income tax is for Corporations which derive income from their business dealings.

Human souls are compensated for their labor and do not get income.

The US income tax was forced on Americans using the excuse it was a temporary tax which would go away, which was to be used to pay for WW 1 which America should never have been involved with in the first place.

The Southern Countries which made up the Confederacy Voluntarily legally Seceded from the Volunteer Union they Voluntarily joined.

This means legally they were no longer members of the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union.

Lincoln then killed that union and it no longer exist.

None of the Countries including Florida and I might add my own Republic of Texas, legally joined the yankee atheist closet homosexual Lincoln’s Soviet styled Marxist Mandatory Military Dictatorship.

This means these counties have been illegally militarily occupied for 158 years and counting.

Time Tried and tested legal axion:

In this case meaning, no matter how much time passes, the illegal subjugation of the Southern countries using terrorism against civilians, gang rapes to death of children, minister’s daughters, pregnant women, burning folks alive in their own homes, holocausting whole cities filled with non combatant civilians, can never be made a legal “ownership” or “membership”.

So you see, the former Countries of the Confederacy can not legally seceded from that which they have never been a legal member of, the Mandatory Marxist Military Dictatorship called the ‘UNITED STATES’

The evil occupation “state” “governments” which are sub corporations of the evil occupying USA/DC corporations CAN be legally kicked out of their respective countries, legal governments formed which are not subservient to the evil of the USA/DC which are using the American counties as piggy banks for the party hardy in Washington DC, and the children of these occupied counties as cannon fodder in USA/DC’s illegal war crimes for power and profit.

The WHO and ANY treaties the USA/DC made AFTER these countries legally seceded from the now defunct United States, are meaningless and non binding to the held in illegal occupation countries which made up the Confederacy.

Any them yankee countries growing tired of being used and abused by Uncle Sugar can figure their own way out.
They are not my concern!

A yankee comes to Texas and goes home.
A damn yankee comes to Texas and stays!

After the Republic of Texas gets her freedom and sovereignty back, the damn illegal alien yankees will have to be deported back to yankeeland!

The Ole Texas Dog!

Source of misinformation article which made me shake my head at it’s ignorance, treason or stupidity, not sure which:

Florida Should Threaten to Leave the United States if the WHO Treaty is Signed

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