Bill Child Raper Gates ignores questions about Mossad Jeffery Epstein on Reddit

Bill Gates declined to answer questions about his relationship with Jeffery Epstein during an “ask me anything” [well almost anything] Reddit session on Wednesday. Bill Gates refuses to answer questions about ties with convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein during Reddit chat The Microsoft co-founder invited Reddit users to an “ask me anything” session, only to avoid […]

Killer Jabbed 10-year-old died after collapsing at school- So Which Killer Jabbers Get Hanged For Her Murder?

A 10-year-old girl who died after collapsing at school was “beautiful inside and out”, her family has said. Rai-Leyah Parveen Jayne Saddique died suddenly after taking ill despite desperate efforts to save her life. Now her family has paid tribute to the youngster they say was a “genuinely good girl”. And they say the death […]

CDC Director Mass Murderer Rochelle Walensky Summed Up Her Criminal Agency’s Role In Promoting Death Via Killer Jabs By Admitting They Did Not “reliably meet expectations.”

Not all Americans were stupid enough to believe the CDC’s and FDA’s bald faced lies and take the witch’s brew voodoo killer jabs. Of the one’s stupid or ball-less enough to take the killer jabs who are not already dead many refuse to take the “boosters” required to kill them faster. SHIT!!!! Don’t think the […]

FDA Adviser Feeling Rope Burn Around Their Neck Says Young And Healthy People Shouldn’t Get Latest Killer Jab Boosters As They Will Probably Be Dead Soon Enough

The FDA Adviser feeling the rope burn around their neck from the feared Nuremberg Tribunal Common Law trials for mass murderers via loaded syringes for a faked Scamdemic based on a “virus” no one in the whole wide world can produce an identified scientifically purified, isolated, reproducible sample of, advises against young people taking further […]

Meghan Proudly Announces That Big Pie Hole Harry Has Of His Own Free Will Decided To Transition Into Princess Harriet

There is Authentic Documentation Edward the 4th was not fathered by his wife’s Real Bloodline Plantagenet husband. His Brother (half brother?) Richard the 3ed’s body was found and modern DNA proves he also was not descended from the Royal Plantagenet Bloodline. Their mama was a slut who was banging commoners like a bunny rabbit anytime […]

Woman Raped as a Child Commits Suicide After Years Of Struggling With The Trauma: Athlete Was Raped by Child Raper Running Coach

The baby raper who raped this woman got 10 years in jail. The child received a life sentence which she could only end by taking her own life. What the hell is wrong with this picture? And you hypocrites who call yourself christians, and claim your nation is a christian nation, why are you pissing […]