THE TRUTH IS HATE SPEACH FOR THOSE WHO HATE THE TRUTH-Truth Teller Politico Reporter Gets Fired For Tweet Exposing Pedo Pope Benedict as ‘Pedophile Protector and Hitler Youth Alumnus’

Politico cybersecurity reporter Eric Geller got fired from the publication after a tweet exposing the late Pedo Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI while sharing news of his death and arrival in hell on Twitter Litter.

Geller wrote on Twitter Litter, “Homophobic pedophile protector and Hitler Youth alumnus dead at 95,” telling the truth and sharing a link to a news report on Pope Benedict’s death and arrival in hell on December 31st.

Seems his former employer don’t want the public to know of the two thousand year history of Vatican’s pedophile popes and their pedophile priest.


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One thought on “THE TRUTH IS HATE SPEACH FOR THOSE WHO HATE THE TRUTH-Truth Teller Politico Reporter Gets Fired For Tweet Exposing Pedo Pope Benedict as ‘Pedophile Protector and Hitler Youth Alumnus’

  1. Buddy says:

    Esoterism Essays History Zionism
    · Auteur / Author: Youssef Hindi
    · 05/12/2017
    Far from claims made by critics of the conciliar Church, the Vatican submitted to modernity and Judaism neither after a council, nor over a century. The Second Vatican Council (1962-65) punctuated a silent, secretive, multi-secular war… The first attempts by Kabbalistic rabbis to turn the Church into an advocate of Judaism, which date back to the Middle Ages, happened by way of their approximation to the high clergy, and even to the cardinals and popes.[i]
    Christian Kabbalah: a weapon for subverting the Church
    We can trace the origins of Christian Kabbalah back to 13th century Spain, the period during which, and the location where, Kabbalah matured, and where the great Kabbalistic rabbi, Moses Nahmanides, whom I’ve identified as the father of active messianism, was active.[ii]
    In Spain during this period, Raymond Martini, a catholic missionary, published Pugio fidei (“the dagger of faith”), a treatise in which he claimed that the Talmudic Aggadah (rabbinic teachings and stories) and the Midrash (biblical exegesis and interpretation) already carried the mark of Christianity.[iii] Gerschom Scholem writes:
    Martini lived in Catalonia at the end of the twelfth and well into the thirteenth century, the precise location and period during which a group of kabbalists, led by Nahmanides, began consolidating kabbalist literature (1194-127). Despite Martini’s physical proximity, and the fact that his missionary zeal resulted in a general confiscation of books belonging to Catalonian Jewish communities, he was not aware of the existence of the kabbalah. While kabbalist literature burgeoned before his eyes, Martini failed to notice. Thus, as part of his Christological endeavors, Martini pointed to the ancient Talmudists as the principal authorities of Christianity and credited them with a historical function to which they were as unsuited as were [Pico della Mirandola and] the kabbalists who would later replace them.[iv]

    GOOGLE the article

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