Big “News” DOD Will Stop Killer Jabbing Military Troops Is a Smokescreen

Fist of all, the 30 shekel political whore clowns in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac are a joke.

A very bad, sad joke it is true, but a laughing stock none the less.

Better to laugh at the evil of USA/DC than to cry about it.

Most of America’s defensive weapons are being shipped to Ukraine, a make do contrived war

half way around the world which has absolutely noting to do with the existing threat to Americans and what little freedoms they may have left.

That threat is coming from USA/DC

It is very evident by now to anyone with a brain

the whole “COVID” illusion was a Scamdemic,

and the Killer Jabs were designed as a Euthanasia jab to cull the human herd.

Now the evil clowns in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac

are making a big deal they are rescinding the mass murder order of all USA military troops via syringes loaded with mRNA killer jabs.

Again, anyone with a brain and who’s head is not up their annus has read where the fruit loop evil clowns are now saying all “vaccines” will contain the mRNA killer jab technology.

A killer jab is a killer jab whether it is called a “COVID-19” jab, a flu “vaccine”, or any other mythical “Vaccine” loaded with death via the mRNA killer technology.

So the treasonous pedophilic bad clowns in DC

announce US troops will no longer be murdered with “COVID-19” death darts, while the troops will continue to be murdered via loaded syringes, but the death shots will be called by another name.

In the military most “vaccines” are mandatory and the troops have no choice but roll up their sleeves and take the Big Pharma witch’s brew voodoo chemical/biological concoctions.

The DC two steps forward, one step back death dance of Americans and US troops goes swiftly onward!

Once Americans have no defensive weapons left, and all the troops can not exert themselves or take the stress of battle or they will fall dead with heart attacks like a soccer, football or basketball player on the field,

then if the whores in DC

can instigate enough crime and lawlessness in the streets as they are trying hard to do, the evil clowns of DC can invite UN troops in to stop the “lawlessness” the 30 shekel DC ass holes made sure happened.

Probably red Communist Chinese troops.

They always creat the problem which causes the reaction to their problem then offer the “solution” to the problem they made sure happened.




The answer to the reaction to the problem they themselves created always involves less freedom and God Given Rights of Americans, more Totalitarianism, more One World Ratschild’s Unelected Communistic Dictatorship.

Treason is a hanging offense under Common Law.

The Three Step Dance of Freedom.

Convene Nuremberg Tribunal Common Law Courts.

Give the blackmailed and bribed Treasonous 30 shekel bastards and bitches fair trials.

Give the blackmailed and bribed Treasonous 30 shekel bastards and bitches fair hangings.




The Ole Dog!

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