Death Stood Knocking On My Door

‘Death Stood Knocking On My Door’ One evening as I readied myself for sleep- Prayed to Odin if I should die, my soul to keep- When a gentle knocking intruded on my quiet solitude- I thought to myself, whoever would be so rude- Treading quietly I looked out so I would know more- Death stood […]

Thousands Killed, Dozens Of Power Stations & Hospitals Bombed In 2022’s ‘Forgotten War’-USA, IsraHell& Saudi Arabia Holocaust The Closest Living Relatives Of Biblical Hebrews, The Yemen People

The Saudi Arabia-Front Puppet for IsraHell & USA also destroyed over 14,300 residences, 12 hospitals, 64 schools and 22 power stations in Yemen last year, according to the Eye for Humanity Centre for Rights and Development. The Yemen people are the closest living relatives of the Biblical Israelites and Judeans. The Non Semitic red Russia […]