Those Who Can See The Big Lie of the Scandimic Have, Those Who Love The Big Lie Will Die

Those with a one to one spiritual relationship with the Creator God, did not rush down to get a Killer Jab for an imaginary “illness” “caused” by a mythical “virus”.

Those who were VERY religious but blind spiritually rushed down to take the assisted suicide euthanasia kill dart.

My great great grandfather Carleton was a Confederate soldier.
As a Methodist circuit riding minister in Washington county Arkansas he was exempt from service in the army, but he was a man of God and a man of Honor.

William Lewis Carleton, seated left, Confederate soldier and Chaplain.
Seated right, his wife, my great great grandmother Margaret Tucker Carleton, who’s father fought at the Battle of New Orleans with General Andrew Jackson

He could not, would not use his status as a minister to avoid what his prisoners must do and face death without him.

At first there were no chaplain positions in the Confederate army as the only chaplains Jefferson Davis had known were while attending West Point.

Several there had been dismissed for un-God like activities.

But when the mothers of young teen age boys saw the drinking and loose women associated with army camps, they demanded Davis send ministers to help their sons resist the temptations of army camp.

So Davis, having met his match in motherhood, surrendered and formed a position for chaplains in the Confederate army.

My great grandfather was already ministering to the men he fought with, but after the position of Chaplin was official, he became officially a Confederate Chaplain.

Which meant he prayed with dying men and shot yankee terroist invaders in-between prayers.

The only account we have of his experience in battle, the only story he would tell his children of the horrors of war, was this account.

One day in battle, a friend was shot down by his side.
As he knelt beside the dying man praying with him, yankee bullets was knocking bark from a live oak tree into his face.

As a young man, I wondered how he could have the courage to kneel in full view of enemy troops, with bullets wiping round him, and pray.

I did my war and knew I could face the enemy, I could shoot back, but I wondered if I would have had the courage to do what he did.

As I drew closer to God, I placed my life, my future, my all into the hands of God and concentrated on doing my duty to God, on a spiritual walk which would draw me ever closer to God.

It was then I understood my great grandfather could do what he did not because he was not afraid in battle, all men are or should be, but because he had placed his life into God’s hands, was doing his duty to God and accepted that God would protect him until the appointed time God had to bring him home.

Humans who placed their faith in God, not charlatan religious leaders, not political prostitutes, not talking head 30 shekel MSM minions, not “scientist” who had taken the 30 shekels of blood Money to betray humanity, did not fear death, saw through the Big Lie of the Scamdemic,

and trusted in God to protect their lives and bodies until such time as God called them home to the other side.

Those who took the killer jabs were spiritually blind, so afraid of physical death they committed spiritual death.

Those who did not take the jab, their bodies will die when God says it is time.
Those who took the jabs have committed suicide.
Some die right away, it may take a year or two for most other spiritually blind killer jabbed cowards to die.

But die they will, before the appointed time God had for them because they loved the Big Lie and put their faith in charlatans and minions of the dark side.

The Ole Dog!

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