Taking Confederate Memorials Down At a yankee “military” Academy Which Teaches How To Chew Rope & Take It Up The Ass

The yankee ass holes are taking down all memorials to Confederates at the Point.

General Robert E. Lee, CSA, is my cousin.
General stonewall Jackson, CSA, is my cousin.
General Richard Taylor, CSA, is my cousin.
General James Longstreet, CSA, is my cousin.

Lt. Col. John A. Washington, Aid de Camp to General Lee who the USA shot 3 times through the back from concealment while no battle was ongoing is my cousin.

My great great grandfather DuBose served first as an infantry man and then as a cavalry man in Arkansas.

My great great grandfather Baker served the whole war in the 13th Regiment of the Texas Cavalry.

My great great grandfather Martin served with the 1st Texas Light Artillery and was with the troops took the yankee General’s surrender in San Antonio in 1860.

My great Grandfather Carleton was trained as a medical doctor, but decided to doctor souls.
When the yankees invaded he was a circuit riding minister serving in Washington County Arkansas.
As a minister he was exempt from service, but he was a 2nd cousin to General George Washington.
His grandfather Carleton served three years under Washington, was at Valley Forge and was wounded at the Battle of Brandy Wine.

His grandfather Petty served two hitches under Washington, the 2nd as a scout for Washington’s army which meant he would have been hanged as a spy by the British if captured.

His great grandfather Wright was old enough he did not have to fight, but he served under Washington as one of his winter soldiers.
He died soon after the war was over from lung problems from winter soldiering.

His wife’s father fought in the Battle of New Orleans under his cousin General Andrew Jackson.

So he went down and enlisted as a common soldier.
When the mothers of the Confederate boys in the army forced Davis to authorize Chaplins in the Confederate Army, he served as a Chaplin, prayed with the dying and shot yankees in-between.

His youngest brother marched off to war to stop the yankee terrorist from gang raping minister’s daughters, gang raping children and pregnant women to death, burning grandpas and grandmas to death in their own homes, and throwing my great grandfather DuBose, an infant out of his basket so they could carry off my great great grandmother’s silverware they were stealing in the basket.

He marched off to war and my great great grandmother Carleton never knew where he died or if he even got a burial.
She grieved for him the rest of her life.

They all live on in my heart.
I honor them each and every one.
I don’t need a statue to do that.

If our Confederate soldiers do not live on in the hearts of Southern folks, then all those statues are just someplace for pigeons to roost and shit on.

As for West Point, cousin George S. Patton would have still been the only American General worth a damn in WW2 even if he had not gone to West Point.

The no combat coward Ike went to West Point and could not wipe his own ass when it came to military tactics and war.
And he betrayed his country to red Russian communism.

They offered me West Point when I graduated high school, but Viet Nam Vets telling me of West Point wonders getting good men killed while they yelled out shit they learned in a text book at the point was not the kind of organization or people I wanted to be associated with.

I did mine enlisted.

My Confederate kin, where ever they are at the moment, sure as hell don’t want their good names darkened by association with a failed yankee military school which teaches trannies how to suck dick, saying yes while taking it up the ass!

Oh yes, one more thing.

The Ole Dog!

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