Fake “royal” “king But Real Pedo No Chin Charlie leads tributes To Pedo “pope” Benedict XVI

Fake “prince” who is now the Fake “king”, but a Real Pedo No Chin Charlie seen with now room temperature Serial child and dead corpse raper Jimmy Savile who provided children to rape and sometimes murder to the British “elites” and Fake “royals”. No Chin Charlie laments the death of the Pedo Pope who is […]

Pro Killer Jabs UK radio presenter “excited” about 3rd Killer Jab, Who Called Smart Folks Refusing The Killer Jab “IDIOTS” – Hospitalized with “lungs full of blood clots”

“I’m really excited about being able to get another shot pretty soon, so all you anti-vaxxers, all you idiots, all you lunatics who keep trolling me, you know what you can do? You can get the vaccine. ” Eand pro-vax radio presenter in the UK who has constantly railed against anti-vaxxers reported being hospitalized last […]

Taking Confederate Memorials Down At a yankee “military” Academy Which Teaches How To Chew Rope & Take It Up The Ass

The yankee ass holes are taking down all memorials to Confederates at the Point. General Robert E. Lee, CSA, is my cousin. General stonewall Jackson, CSA, is my cousin. General Richard Taylor, CSA, is my cousin. General James Longstreet, CSA, is my cousin. Lt. Col. John A. Washington, Aid de Camp to General Lee who […]