All Palestinian Families Of Palestinians Holocausted By Israhell Terrorist Should Bring a Class Action Lawsuit Against John Hague’s Corner Stone Ministries For Cheerleading Genocide of Palestinians

The pig fat charlatan John Hagee has been cheerleading the Holocaust of the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian people by the invasive species red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarians for years.

He has grown filthy rich cheerleading the genocide of the Palestinians.

Each and every Palestinian who has had a loved one, a family member murdered by the Khazarian invaders, should band together, bring a class action law suit against John Hagee personally, and another against his Corner Stone Ministries.

Strip him of his blood money!

I would not end there.
I would name every member of his church as accessories to Genocide.
By their membership, by their support, by their presence in these meetings which try to justify mass murdering the Palestinians so the Khzarians can steal the country, they are accessories to Mass Murder, Genocide, a Holocaust.

Use the RICO Federal Racketeering Act if needed.

I would farther go after the assets of any corporation or business which has donated to the organization.
They have been financing Mass Murder, Genocide, a Holocaust and probably taking deductions on their IRS taxes based on these donations which support Genocide and theft of a country.

The Ole Dog!

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