The kindness of strangers: Buffalo woman saves life of mentally-disabled man, 64, caught in historic blizzard – by bringing him into her home and cutting off clothes and plastic bag straps that FROZE to his skin

Every day I deal with the worst evil done to humanity by Dark Side demonically possessed soul-less scum of the earth. It is a blessing to find there are still angels in human form with a soul of gold. I will admit this story brought dampness to my eyes. Matthew 25:40 “And the King shall […]

Pedophile Former Pope Benedict is having difficulty breathing and is ‘very sick’, says the Pedophilic Vatican and Current pedophile Pope asks for prayers for the 95-year-old

Pope Francis made the surprise appeal at the end of his audience this morning Benedict, 95, served as Pope from April 2005 until he resigned in February 2013 He stepped down due to old age but his papacy was wracked with scandals I have lots more […]

Latest Twitter Litter Files Reveal Rothschild Directed Disinformation Site Suppressed Killer Jabs Sceptics, Even Eminent Doctors

Read the words of the Nobel Prize winning novelist, historians and victim of Jewish Communism. “THE FACT MOST OF THE WORLD IS IGNORANT OF THIS REALITY IS PROOF THAT THE GLOBAL MEDIA ITSELF IS IN THE HANDS OF THE PERPETRATORS”. I personally had my Twitter Litter account locked for telling the truth of the dangers […]