The Dysgenics of a Communist Killing Field, the Bleiburg Massacre

The Croatian Bleiburg is a name of a mass-killing field in southern Austria. In mid-May 1945, hundreds of thousands of fleeing ethnic German and Croatian civilians and soldiers surrendered to the British, only to be turned over promptly to the advancing and bloodthirsty Yugoslav communist partisans. Subsequently, the term “Bleiburg” became a metaphor for the […]


Recently the Pedo pope said every one should have less Christmas parties, give less gifts and sent the money to one of the most corrupt countries in the world, Ukraine. ‘Globalist Pope Francis: Cut Back on Christmas Spending, Send Your Savings to Ukraine’ Of course cutting back on partying and sending the loot to Ukraine […]

USA “Treaties” With The UN, NATO, WHO, IMF, BIS, Mean Absolutely Jack S#it In The Illegally Occupied Republic of Texas

Legal axion: “The fruit of the poison tree is poison”. When the USA invaded the Republic of Texas, it was an illegal war crime. After the USA used terrorism against women, children and unarmed old men to illegally subdue the legal government of the Republic of Texas THE USA illegally installed a sub corporation occupation […]