Washington State Hospital Murders Newborn With Killer Jabbed Blood Transfusion

A newborn baby boy named Alex was born in Washington state with a 95% survivable congenital heart defect and was also anemic and needed a blood transfusion.

Backstory: In 2021 the baby’s parents had a close family friend die of a heart attack shortly after she received her Covid—19 vaccine. By all accounts their friend was healthy and her death caused alarm bells to go off about the safety of the mRNA vaccine.

Because of their experience with their family friend, they wanted to make sure Baby Alex had unvaccinated blood for his transfusion. So they found match through a member at their church and paid to have the proper protocol take place for Alex to receive that donors blood.

However, when it came time for the hospital to initiate the transfusion the doctors and nurses claimed they were unable to locate the unvaccinated donors blood the parents had procured. So without the parents consent they took blood from the hospitals general stockpile.

The doctors and nurses assured the parents that Baby Alex would be fine—and told them babies rarely, if ever get blood clots.

Shortly after the transfusion, Baby Alex developed a large blood clot. The blood clot ran from his knee all the way up to his heart. The hospital changed their tune saying babies get blood clots all the time and this was normal.

Baby Alex was put on the highest dose of blood thinners possible for his age and size—but the blood clot didn’t dissipate at all.

Just 12 days later, Baby Alex sadly passed away as a result of the large blood clot.

Now the Sacred Heart Childrens Hospital, claims there’s no record of Baby Alex being at the hospital-despite ample evidence, including pictures, medical bills, and his death certificate.

What is going on here?


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