Rothschild’s CIA Exposed As Involved With JFK’s Murder-Tucker Carlson:

The Ratschild’s have run Britain from the end of the Battle of Waterloo until this very day.

FDR, a Ratschild’s bitch

picked another Ratschild bitch to form and run the OSS (CIA).

The Cold War was pre-planned.
Meaning the Korean and Viet Nam wars were pre-planned as well.
American General George S Patton tried to stop the Cold War, the take over of Eastern Europe by the Ratschild’s run red Russian Communism as well as tried to stop the complete takeover of USA/DC by Ratschild’s red Russian communism/Zionism

Donovan was a double agent for the British.
So the CIA from conception has been run by Britain which is run by the Ratschilds

So the OSS (CIA) paid $10,000 1945 dollars to have General Patton murdered

James Forrestal Was murdered because he resisted Rothschild’s forming their Khazarian Mafia outpost in occupied Palestine as bad for America.

Joe McCarthy, WW2 hero and US senator was murdered for trying to expose how high up in the USA/DC “government” and the US military was infiltrated with red Russian Ratschild’s agents.

JFK was going to stop Israel from getting illegal Nuclear weapons, which they now have an estimated 300 of, disband the Anti-American CIA, pull USA out of Ike’s involvement in the Viet Nam war and go after Rothschild’s Federal Reserve Bank scam, which is not federal, has no reserves, and is not a bank.

After the CIA murdered JFK for the Rothschilds, Israel got their illegal nukes, the CIA is still making war on America, US involvement in the Viet Nam war escalated, and the Not Federal, No reserves and Not a bank scam has made the US dollar worth about as much as toilet paper.

In 1933 FDR stole all Americans gold and took the US dollar off the gold standard.
In 1964 the Ratschild’s bitch LBJ took the US dollar off the silver standard making the US dollar Fiat Currency back by absolutely nothing of intrinsic value, not money

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