Top 5 DEADLY products “HEALTH EXPERTS” physicians recommend to you

In 1799 George Washington took a ride on his horse around his far looking over operations in inclimate weather.
He came down with some type of repertory illness.
Martha called in the “health experts”, doctors.

One “health expert” shoved a suppository up his ass so he shit his brains out.
One “health expert” caused him to throw up repeatedly.

When they had him dehydrated from both ends, the “health experts” drained damn near half his blood from his veins.

George died!

If Martha had just gave him warm tea to drink and fed him chicken soup, he very well might have gotten well and lived for several more years.

In the early 20th century great strides were being made understanding the correlation between diseases, lack of proper sanitation, insufficient vitamins, minerals and the various illnesses caused by dirty water, lack of proper despoil of human waste, and foods insufficient in certain minerals and vitamins.

Then the Rockefeller’s discovered a killing which could be made peddling voodoo Pharmaceuticals made from petroleum to the human herd.
The evil bastards bribed doctors and medical schools to teach voodoo medicine, while war was made on proper nutrition with organically grown food, knowledge on need of sufficient minerals and vitamins to keep the human body well.

Voodoo “vaccines” were pedaled by fear porn by “health expert” doctors, some who were well meaning but ignorant, some who damn well knew they were taking the 30 coins to betray humanity.

Today, millions have been mass murdered by a KILLER JAB meant from the beginning to cull the human herd just as the evil self appointed “elites” have been saying they were going to do for generations.

Using a Scamdemic

for an imaginary “virus” “causing” an imaginary “illness, fear porn was used to get the Human herd to roll their selves up and take the assisted suicide Killer Jabs.

A handful of doctors and medical professionals tried to warn humans, and suffered attacks from medical “health” organizations, Rothschild

owned and operated “governments”, Rothschild owned and operated “news” organizations.

Most “health experts”, along with “scientist”

Ratschild’s MSM, the rob the poor so we are rich pedophile run Vatican, public School administrators, whore politicians

took to violating the 1947 nuremberg Code, which is a hanging offense, with gusto.

Well, time to convene Common Law Nuremberg Tribunals, give all these mass murderers and accessories to mass murder Via loaded syringes

fair trials followed by fair hangings.

Most folks would live a lot longer if they gardened, raised their own food organically without pesticides, herbicides, and stayed away from “health expert” doctors and voodoo hospitals.

The Ole Dog!

‘Top 5 DEADLY products “HEALTH EXPERTS” physicians recommend to you’

If everyone who died from bad medical advice could sue the doctors that dished it out, there would be no medical industrial complex in America anymore. It all started way back in the 1930s, when more than 20,000 US physicians jumped on the bandwagon and hawked cigarettes as being good for health and digestion. They went so far as to recommend their own favorite brands. Many people would say they didn’t know any better then, but that would be wrong. During the 1930s, scientists discovered that smoking was a direct cause of lung cancer, and those thousands of physicians continued recommending smoking for THIRTY more years. Go figure.

It’s no better now, and it’s almost a century later. Medical doctors literally get away with murder, by dishing out advice, drugs, and recommendations for medical devices that have a high ratio of killing their patients. Is it all about the money, still? Need some examples? Here we go.

The largest analysis of patients hospitalized with Wuhan virus revealed that most DIED after being put on a mechanical ventilator, and within just four days. This was a comprehensive study that included health records of nearly 6,000 patients at facilities in New York’s largest health system, Northwell Health. The death rate? Eighty eight percent. You would think that doctors would have stopped recommending mechanical ventilators at that point, but the scamdemic raged on.

In fact, the more people who died from Covid in hospitals, the more money those hospitals received from the Biden Regime. The hospital “protocols” for treating Fauci Flu are despicable and insidious. Follow the bouncing ball (of money).

Remdesivir shown in clinical trials to frequently cause acute kidney injury and renal failure, but doctors keep recommending it for Covid

Got the flu that kills less than .05% of the population? How about going on a deadly prescription drug that kills your kidneys and has a high kill rate? Remdesivir was the first drug approved for coronavirus disease in 2019, yet clinical trials and case series studies had already revealed it FREQUENTLY caused acute kidney injury (AKI) and renal failure (need for replacement) in animal studies, especially including proximal tubular epithelial cell necrosis.

Wondering how comprehensive the reports on Remdesivir are? Over 1.5 million reports were registered from January through August of 2020, with nearly six percent of those patients suffering kidney disorders from Remdesivir. That’s nearly 100,000 patients who’s kidneys were decimated by a highly recommended drug that doctors were slinging at their patients, and that’s just for the first three quarters of 2020.

US physicians and US hospitals could easily be compared to third world hospices, as the treatments, conditions, and results are horrid. These are dirty doctors who accept bribes from Big Pharma to push deadly drugs, dirty vaccines, and deathly machines on innocent patients who most likely would have otherwise survived Covid-19 and all of its variants.

Then there are SSRI drugs, that are dished out like candy on Halloween to anybody who says they’re stressed, anxious, or depressed. These drugs cause horrific side effects and adverse events, and are the main culprit of young men going on homicidal and suicidal rampages across our country.

Take a look at the 5 deadliest recommendations from physicians who should know better, if they don’t already


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  1. John, a heads-up. The image of a supposed Rothschild with an abnormally high alien-type head is photo shopped. On this site you can see both the fake image and the original.

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