About the Ole Dog! and This Site

I keep getting messages from folks gonna help me “improve” the site’s standing on google. I am blacklisted on google for telling the truth, banned on YouRube for telling the truth, locked out of my Twitter Litter account for telling the truth, and deleted my own Facebook account after being placed in facebook jail twice […]

BABY-CIDE JABS: Dr. Cole receiving placentas from Killer-jabbed women that are inflamed, calcified and full of spike proteins

I repost some articles which have bits of good information on the Killer Jabs, but which also contain misleading things like there really was a “COVID-19” “pandemic”, the Killer Jabs are really “vaccines” and other such nonsense. I do that so you can see the harm the Killer Jabs are doing, but one must ignore […]

New Zealand Led By a Butt Ugly Tranny With a Dick Who Wants To Killer Jab All Children So They Die, Is Going To Save Their Lives By Banning Smoking

Under the you just can not make this Micky Mouse insane shit up, let us look at New Zealand. The Butt Ugly Mass Murdering Commmunist Dictator who sucks Ratschild dick, has a dick. This communistic Ratschild bitch with a dick which is doing IT’s best to mass murder ALL New Zealand children with Killer Jabs, […]