Tina Turner’s Killer Jabbed son Ronnie, 62, died after cancer battle that ravaged him in just THREE WEEKS – despite previously beating it

The Killer Jab which is NOT a “vaccine”, forced on folks because of a mythical “virus” no one has a scientifically verified sample of, destroys the humans Immune System along with injecting a spiked protein the same type which causes Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and Mad Cow Disease which causes growth of a fibers […]

New York Stolen From the Dutch Settlers by the Puritan yankees Health Department Forces Useless As Teats on a Boar Hog Dust Masking on Humans As NYC Faces High Levels of the Mythical Not Scientifically Proved to Exist “COVID-19”, Influenza, and RSV

COVID-19 [The Yearly Flu called “COVID-19” to pull off the Sacademic] and flu are increasing nationally and in New York City; nationally, hospitalizations for flu reached the highest levels for this time of year in more than a decade. The Advisory strongly recommends masking in public indoor settings and crowded outdoor settings, and other proven […]