Here is a reason you should NEVER ever pay any attention to ANYTHING the MSM EVER has to say.

‘Musk loses crown as world’s richest man – Forbes’

For generations I have seen the the MSM pedal absolutely bull S#it about this minion or that minion who serves the Ratschilds as go-fors and front men hand puppets being “the richest man in the world”.

Folks, these people are evil, bent, compromised, blackmailed, bribed, fearful for their very lives if they name the Ratschilds as the richest ass holes in the world, but not stupid.

They know the Ratschilds are the richest kiddy f##kers in the world.

If they will lie about this for generations, is anything they tell you the truth?

Even the “alternative media” who are “exposing” the “conspiracy” of the one world “government” crowd who are trying to wipe all God Given Rights and Human Freedoms from this earth, institute a hell hole world wide slavery of humanity, will not name the RothsRats.

They name the Rockefellers

who are bitch lieutenants of the Rothschilds.

Soros, Musk, Gates, Zuckerberg and other such scum sucking minions of the dark side are set up by the Rothschilds to be very wealthy.
They get to rape children, eat the best cuts of beef, have mansions in the best locations, jet around the world in privet planes.

But each and everyone of them answers to the Rothschilds, does the Rothschild’s bidding.

Take the kiddy f##ker Gates.

Computer geek.
He was allowed to become very wealthy, live high on the hog, break all the rules, but his ass belongs to the Ratschilds and his job for them is to spread death with “vaccines” and the new NON vaccine killer jabs.


is the front man for several companies which are helping to build the technical and electronic prison to put humanity in for the Ratschild’s One World Dictatorship and slave society.


is a Ratschild’s bitch who gets to be very wealthy while his “social media platform censors the truth and peddles bald faced lies for the RothsRats.


was made very wealthy by the RothsRats giving him insider information when the Ratschild’s were going to crash or make some fiat currency go sky high so Soros could help them manipulate the currency while making a killing on it.

Then he goes around using the insider ill gotten gains funding political whores who belong to the Ratschilds, funding subversive organizations, funding the campaigns of “prosecutors” who turn baby rapers and murderers loose while not prosecuting anyone but humans who try to defend themselves or their children from the evil bastards the Ratschiild’s do nothing prosecutors turn loose on society.

Uncle Schwab is a Ratschild’s bitch who runs the blackmailed with Mossad jeffery Child Rape video political whores for the RothsRats.

So anyone telling you anyone but the Rothschild child raping blood sucking pervert demonically possessed ass holes are the richest in the world

are Ratschild’s 30 shekel whores, liars, bull s#it artist, propaganda bitches, evil, scum suckers, and you should NEVER believe another thing they say or print!

The Ole Dog!

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