I am a Truth Teller Blacklisted on Google.

I keep getting Emails from folks want to “help” me improve this site’s Google Rating.

I am blacklisted on Google.
I was kicked off of YouRube for telling the truth.
I am locked out of my Twitter Litter account for telling the truth.
After twice being put in Face Book jail for a month each time for telling the truth, I deleted my account, made another in which my only two “friends are my wife and my daughter.

Years back when I started telling the truth on the net, had a Hazbara troll “Threaten” me with they were going to throw me into prison!

I told the 30 shekel whore they did not throw people like me in prison.
I knew way too much truth and way to much dirt on very high up dark side minions.
They damn sure don’t want someone like me in a court of record telling what I know.

They kill people like me.

When Jesus the Christ called em sheep, that was not a term of endearment.
If the sheep loved the truth, Jesus would not have ended up with his ass spiked to a tree trunk!

The Ole Dog

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