Kirstie Alley will be CREMATED after Killer Jabbed actress lost her brief battle with Killer Jab Induced colon cancer

It is a Holocaust of humanity.

NO ONE, NO ONE AT ALL, can produce a scientifically verified isolated, purified reproducible sample of the alleged “SARS-COV-02” “versus” claimed without real scientific proof to cause the mythical “COVID-19” “illness” “diagnosed” with a test which is not a test for the “virus” no one can produce a verified sample of.

211 health/science institutions globally all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever

My son in law’s killer jabbed uncle was found dead today in his home.
been dead a week.

A family member has friends, man and women in early 40s with a 11 year old son.
Killer jabbed EMTs.
She go sick, went to hospital, found to have advanced liver and colon cancer, sent home to die.

Mass Murder is a hanging offense.
Killer Jabbers must be given fair Nuremberg Common Law Trials, followed by fair hangings.

The Ole Dog!

Kirstie Alley only ‘recently’ discovered she had colon cancer and died Monday at her Clearwater, Florida, home after a short battle with the illness

The Cheers actress will be cremated

She had been receiving treatment at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida.


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