Pedophile Pope John Paul II covered up Child Rapes as bishop

Pedophile Pope of Pedophile “priest” giving a private “blessing” to Mossad Jeffery the Child Rape Pimp and his Mossad Madam

God Bitch slapping the Pedophile pope’s scrotum cap off his evil child raping skull

Jesus the Christ said a pedophile should have a donkey millstone tied around their necks and be thrown in the deep end to feed the fish.

The ONLY reason the Roman church can give for existing is their claim they are the ONE AND ONLY mouthpiece of Jesus the Christ on this rock, yet for two thousand years the Roman Catholic “church” has been prolific child rapers.


The Vatican is a den of child raping mass murdering thieving lying sons of whore bitches.
The Vatican is an enemy of humanity.

This was a few centuries back, but I once told a pope to go have sex with himself because he wanted me to go kill thousands more humans for the church’s benefit.
He excommunicated me.
I have always figured he excommunicated me because he found himself to be a lousy lay.

Course it might have been because I refused to mass murder humans for the “church’s power base and financial benefit.

If the Catholic churches want to exist as independent churches run by the folks of the community and they root out the pedophiles among them, fine.

But every one at the Vatican needs to be hanged and the Vatican bulldozed.

The Ole Dog!

Pope John Paul II covered up child abuse as bishop – Dutch author

The “explosive” allegations based on Polish archive documents “cast doubt” on the late pontiff’s sainthood.

A Dutch journalist based in Poland has claimed to have found archival documents that incriminate Pope John Paul II in shielding priests allegedly involved in the sexual abuse of children during his tenure as archbishop.

The late Pope, born Karol Jozef Wojtyla, headed the Archdiocese of Krakow between 1964 and 1978. During that time, he knew of several priests in his diocese, who stood accused of molesting minors, and helped cover up their alleged crimes, according to Ekke Overbeek.

An upcoming book written by Overbeek is set to detail the evidence and conclusions from his three-year investigation. Last week, the author gave an overview of his discoveries to the Dutch television program Nieuwsuur.

According to the journalist, many of the documents directly detailing the service of Archbishop and later Cardinal Wojtyla in Krakow were destroyed, but he managed to find enough papers mentioning him tangentially to piece together a case against him.

One of the accused sex offenders, he said, was a priest named Eugeniusz Surgent. According to information gleaned from a roommate, Surgent had asked for forgiveness from Wojtyla, vowing that “it would never happen again.” He broke that promise, Overbeek said.


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