The commandant of the Marine Corps Says Smart Kids Not Wanting To Die From Forced Killer Jabs Has Deterred Enlistments

The Ole Dog! was paraphrasing the headline. What the mass murdering lying cowardly misbegotten evil ball-less son of a one eyed, three legged flea infested street mutt bitch with chronic diarrhea really said was this: “myths and misbeliefs” about “Covid-19” “”vaccines have deterred enlistments. In other words kids smart enough to figure out there was […]

White House FINALLY breaks its silence on the Hunter Biden’s Laptop Crimes … only to call the Pedophilia, Massive Crack Use, Consorting With CCP Chinese Whores & Illegal Firearms Purchase ‘distraction’ and ‘OLD NEWS

Seems drug use, breaking all the laws, pedophilia, incest, abusing girls and women is no new thing in the Biden clan. Must be generational. Must be in the genes. Old News. Just a distraction. Nothing to see here. Move along! The Ole Dog!