E Pluribus Unum

e pluribus unum
“From many, one”, or “out of many, one”

Most “humans” don’t have a clue.
One sees articles of people having cows about clueless playthings of the rich and evil giving the one eye sign in photos.

It is like someone shooting the finger who has no clue what it means.
Ask them why are you doing that.
Because everyone else is they say.
But what does it mean you ask?
Don’t know they say, but it is cool!

Those doing the one eye sign don’t have a clue what the sign means.
Those telling them to pimp themselves giving the sign do not know the true meaning.

Odin gave up one eye for understanding and wisdom.
To reach true understanding and wisdom on the spiritual plane, one must blind themselves to this physical world.
One must give up trying to build empires, gather wealth, fame and acclaim on this physical world before one can see clearly the meanings of God’s mysteries.

So it is with e pluribus unum.
Many see the phrase as a conspiracy of the super rich but very evil to build a one world government or empire on this rock.

From the many, one.
From the countless many lives lived on this rock, in the end when one embraces all their past lives, all their screw ups, owns all evil and mistakes one has made, accepts the lesson learned from those screw ups, the many lives join to make one being who has understanding and wisdom.

Where one’s heart is, so is their treasure.
The soul locked into the shallow beliefs and false views of this physical world, only sees, only lives in this broke, flawed physical world.

The one willing to blind themselves to the false beliefs and shallow pleasures of this physical world, can then see the wider Universe, can then see God.

The Ole Dog!

One thought on “E Pluribus Unum

  1. Odin's left eye says:

    Excellent post! Thanks John.

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