America Sheep, Can You Walk & Chew Gum At The Same Time?

I think I can, I think I can.

Oh really, millions of sheep humans are dropping dead all over the world from the killer jab for a imaginary not scientifically proved to exist “illness”, and you want a “booster” jab!

Bhaaaaaaaaa, Killer Jab good, Washington DC child raping political whores said so!

You think Trump who was best butties with the Mossad Child Rape pimp, Mossad Jeffery is going to save you from his masters and make America great again!

Stop confusing me.
Now I have to stop walking so I can chew my gum!

Musk dresses up in a demonic costume, works helping the one worlders, wants to put a chip in your brain but you think he is going to save you from his masters and bring “free speech” to Twitter Litter.

You have made me so angry I have pooped my wool!
All the confusing things you say.
Piss off!
Now I have to stop chewing my gum so I can walk through the slaughter house doors!

The Ole Dog!

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