New Disney CEO Wants To Hide Disney’s Agenda Of Grooming Children for Child Rape and Promoting Trannies-After Company Exec Previously Revealed Open LGBTQ Agenda

The retread CEO of Pedophile Disney, Bob Iger, announced Tuesday that he will seek to “quiet things down” at the company following several high profile controversies, most notably the confession of an executive producer under his predecessor declaring that Disney is operating an open Anti-family- pro child rape LGBT perversion agenda.

Bob Iger expressed his desire to pull the wool over parents eyes of Disney wanting to make their children sexual party favors for perverted politicians and rich ass holes lusting to stick their penises up little children’s asses.

The thing about pedophiles is, when you execute them, they never again rape children.

Seems instead of having a company grooming children for pedophiles, it would be best to execute the pedophiles at that company.

The Ole Dog!

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