More Damage Control Bull S#it Propaganda Brought To You From The Demonically Controled Evil F##KS who Forced The Killer Jabs o Humans- Another Study Finds Heart Inflammation Higher After Moderna Vaccination Versus Pfizer

In other words, the Moderna Killer jab worked better at killing people than Pfizer.
Not to say if someone got jabbed with Pfizer they are not dead meat.
As the jab was meant to cull the herd, Moderna Killer jab worked better at killing people than Pfizer.

But this headline is supposed to make people who got killer jabbed wit Pfizer feel relief.

Until they fall over kicking and die.

Now for the Micky Mouse excuses from the evil demonically possessed F##Ks pushing the killer

jabs for a made up scamdemic.

As you can see, according to the killer jabbers, everything in this world is responsible for the Pandemic of mass heart attacks, strokes and never seen before tidal wave of aggressive cancers in younger than ever seen before people, EXCEPT THE KILLER JAB!

And never mind none of this Micky Mouse s#it started until the mass assault on the human race with the killer jabs!

The Ole Dog!

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