Greta Rothschild sues Sweden

Little Greta is a Ratschild.

Thunberg was the last name of Greta’s great grandmother who a Ratschild knocked up and did not marry her.

The Ratschild Usury banker

Later acknowledged the little bastard was his son, and Greta’s grandfather under the name Thunberg went on to have a long career in Sweden of Usury banking.

Transfers of stolen loot from Ratschild’s are put into little Greta Ratschild’s parents account so she can make war on humanity with the “man made climate change” lie and the scam of “carbon is destroying the world”.

Humans are made of carbon.
Plants are made of carbon.
If carbon was done away with or reduced past a certain level, all life on earth would cease.

So little Greta Rothschild is just one more vampire from a blood sucking mass murdering thieving pack of rats

making war on humanity.

The Ole Dog!

Greta Rothschild sues Sweden

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