Bull S#it Disinfo Pieces By Controlled Opposition To Convince The Sheep The Scandemic Was Real

Read the below “headline”.

‘Vaccinated people now make up a majority of COVID deaths’

Sounds good huh?
One more piece about the Non vaccine Killer jabs killing folks huh?

Well no, this is propaganda to convince you the killer jab was a well intentioned “vaccine” with problems for a “pandemic” which was real.

Any honest Anti-Jab person knows by now the Ratschild’s witch’s brew voodoo human herd culling euthanasia jab IS NOT a vaccine.

Any person who half ass understands science and has taken the time to research this scamdemic knows NO ONE, NO “government”, NO “health” agency, NO “scientist” anywhere in the world has identified, isolated, a stand alone reproducible sample of a “SARS-COV-02” “virus” said without real scientific proof to “cause” the mythical “COVID-19” “illness” “diagnosed” with a PCR “test” which is not a test and the Nobel Prize winning inventor of the PCR process said it should NEVER be used as a test to diagnose ANY illness but only as a tool to help on research.

So if you ran a scamdemic in which you mass murdered millions of humans to include children, and the truth started coming out, you would stand a whole lot less chance of getting your head bashed in by someone who knew they were dying from a killer jab, or their loved ones had died from a killer jab if you could convince them it was really a well intentioned “vaccine” which just did not work out as planned, for a real disease caused by a real “Virus”, than if the people realized the jab was intended to murder people from the beginning, pushed on people by scare tactics over a scamdemic which was never real.

So all kinds of “stories” are being peddled trying to convince the sheep the Scandemic was really a real pandemic, and the killer jab was concocted with the best intentions but it just had some problems which the “scientist” could just not foresee.

Wordsmiths who peddle misinformation for 30 shekels often use a little bit of truth which is already out to gain the confidence of the mark they are peddling bull s#it to.

It is already known the killer jab is killing people, they can no longer hide that fact.
So those who dreamed up the scamdemic to force the killer jab on people so they could depopulate the earth, are paying or blackmailing “alternative” media and “scientific” types to write about the Non Vaccine “vaccines” killing more people than the Non existent “SARS-COV-02” “Virus” which has never been scientifically proved to exist diagnosed by a “test” which is not a test.

Why, because they fear this:

The Mad Cow Maxx Vaxxed Sheeple committed suicide in mass-
Bleating frantically to be injected in their sheep’s ass-

The herd shook in fear of an imaginary foe-
So that straight through the slaughterhouse door they did go-

They delivered their lambs up for the slaughter to save themselves-
Believing in a mythical “virus” same as they did honest government and garden elves-

They clambered to get to the front of the line for the killer jab-
Of a biological kill weapon developed in a Ratschild controlled & funded lab-

They bleated angrily at any who did not want to comply-
With the mass suicide pact, any who refused to buy-

The lies of the “Health Experts”, media and government whores-
Any who did not bow down to group think, of the mass hysteria mores-

In the end when the vaxxed sheep had left their bones bleaching in the sun-
When those guilty of the farce had been by crazed & grieving relatives run-

Into blind alleys, places with no exits, back rooms and such-
As the guilty whores pleaded their innocence and for mercy so very much-

The survivors who lost friends, lovers, children, spouses, grandparents to the lying Rats-
Beat the evil sons of bitches brains out with rusty tire irons and base ball bats!

The Ole Dog!

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