Rothschild Bitc# Anal Schwab declares China a ‘role model’

This evil unelected proponent of world wide red Russian Khazarian Rothschild’s brutal communism which the Ratchilds

who forced on the long suffering Chinese people the evil of the hell hole CCP, says Communist China’s way of mass murder of humans, making humans live in fear like rats in a cage is what he wants for all of humanity.

The Ratschild bitch who brags of infiltrating even “government”,

placing soul-less demonically possessed minions of the Ratschilds in every head of “state” position,

every area of importance in every country, nation and location

an evil arrogant piece of hammered pig shit who pushes the Killer Jab to euthanize humans

now says Ratschild’s brutal CCP

is what the child raping, mass murdering, thieving, lying degenerate scum bags who have the audacity to call them selves “elites” want to do to ALL humanity, WORLD WIDE!

Now this evil demonically possessed sack of rancid pig shit has testified of his evil and his hate of humans voluntarily so he should not need a trial for his ass to be publicly hanged so his neck snaps as he shits his pants.

But I do not like mobs.
I believe in orderly Common Law Trials and Fair Hangings.

So even though this pig shit evil ass hole oppressor of humanity and sucker of Rathschild dick has convicted himself with his own bragging of his own evil intentions, as one who understands the Law, who’s ancestors put the Law to ink and paper, as the great grandson of 17 of the 25 Ensurers of the Magna Carta and the King who did more to bring social change the Magna Carta guaranteed, as one when he took his university entrance exam scored in the top 97% of the whole damn country and territories in Law, government, military matters and real economics, I must insist even a Rat’s dick sucker like this who makes war against humanity, a mass murderer of children, receive a Fair Common Law Trial, THEN a Fair Hanging!

Along with his masters and all his demonically possessed minions.

Self Defense is a God Given Right of humanity.
Humanity hanging this evil bastard is pure de Self Defense.

The Ole Dog!

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