The yankee War of Gang Rape of Children & Pregnant Women Till Death, Armed Robbery, Arson and Holocaust of Southern of Civilians

The truth is next to Godliness.
The lie is the refuge of evil cowardly demon possessed degenerates.

Thoth, the son in law of Ra, the Sun god defined that speech should be only be used to utter truth.

Thor only spoke the truth and so expected others to only speak the truth as well.
Then he met the yankees.

The Roman bible teaches no liar shall enter the kingdom of Heaven.
So heaven will be yankee free!

The lie is the life blood of the yankee’s self righteousness.
So forget all the yankee lies the yankee war criminals indoctrinated you with in the “government” indoctrination centers which the yankee in one more lie calls “public schools”.

A civil war is when two or more factions fight for control; of the same government or seat of power.

If the Southern people would have attacked the yankee degenerates so as to take control of Washington DC, thereby to force the lying thieving marxist control freak yankee to live under the letter of the law of the Volunteer Union and it’s constitution, that would have been a civil war.

That did not happen.
The Southern folks Voluntarily and legally seceded from the Volunteer Union they had Voluntarily joined because the yankee was thieving Southern wealth with excessive import/export taxes, using the USA/DC union to transfer the stolen wealth to yankee states where they partied on the labor of others.

I have known habitual liars who get to believing their own lies and get mad if everyone else don’t believe their lies as well, like yankees.

As for the yankee lie of secession was illegal, heres the truth which causes the yankee to scream, cry and shit their pants in anguish and anger at the truth.

In fact, it was AFTER the yankee war was over, in 1867 the yankee who had long since wiped their asses on the constitution, declared in their corrupted courts secession to be illegal.

Texas v. White

Any delusional liar who says once a Republic or State which Voluntarily joins the “union”, it can never leave no matter the evil the “union” does to to Republic or state, must also maintain once a woman marries a man, he owns her as a chattel slave.
He can rape her, beat her, pimp her out, steal all her personal wealth, and she can never divorce or leave him.
And if she leaves, he can hire terroristic thugs to go rape/murder all her kinfolks to force her to come back.

Now that we have laid the yankee’s who wiped their asses on the constitution lie of secession was illegal to rest, let us skewer the lie of the yankee raped, robbed and holocausted Southern Civilians to “end slavery”

In the closet homosexual atheist marxist Lincoln’s first inaugural speech he threatened to invade and occupy any Southern state which did not collect and pass on to the yankee’s USA/DC “government the newly doubled import/export tariffs which were designed to transfer Southern wealth to yankeeland.

In the same speech he pledged his support for the Corwin amendment which would have enshrined slavery into the US constitution forever.

In Lincoln’s own words he said he would free some of the slaves, all of the slaves or none of the slaves to force the Southern States back into the union so as to recapture the taxes from the Southern counties.

When someone asked Lincoln why he did not allow the Southern countries to go in peace he replied;

But then who would pay for the [yankee] government?

Lincoln like most yankees were rabidly racist against blacks.
He belonged to an organization which solicited funds to ship all blacks out of America so “white” society would not be contaminated.

When a delegation of “blacks” met Lincoln in the White House he told them to their face he considered them sub human, and “whites” suffered having to live around them.
He told the “blacks” should never be allowed to vote, marry a “white”, or live around “whites”.

The objection of yankees to the Western territories or new states being slave states was the yankees wanted to move to the west and did not want to have to live around “blacks”.

The abolition movement was not because the yankees gave a flying trapeze about “blacks”, but they considered slavery a blot on their self righteous puritan cult religious beliefs.

Only after slavery proved unprofitable in MassAss of course.

The “Emancipation Procreation” was not about freeing slaves, but trying to cause a slave revolt in the South to pull front line Confederate troops from fighting yankee invaders to deal with the slaughter on both sides a slave revolt would have caused.
Lincoln knew if the slaves revolted they would have been slaughtered wholesale to stop their rampage.
He did not care.

His own yankee generals warned him he better take damn sure the yankee troops understood this was only a war time tool to help beat the South, because if the yankee troops got the least idea they were fighting and dying to free”nig#rs”, the generals were afraid they would desert and go home.
Many did.

His own Secretary of War said:
We declare free slaves where we have no ability to free them [or jurisdiction to do so] yet do not free slaves where we have the ability to do so [slaves in yankeeland].

There were African slaves in yankeeland AFTER there were none in the South and no Confederacy.
It was months later when the 13th amendment freed slaves in yakeeland.

And never forget the yankees loved Africans so much, after the war was over they forced freed Southern black men back into slavery to do hard unpaid labor for the yankee army while they locked 20,000 women and children in death camps and exterminated them in Natchez Mississippi.

yankee America’s 1st Black Concentration Camp *The Devils Punchbowl, Natchez, MS

Now least you think the mass deaths in the death caps were accidental, the yankee had a formula for mass murder in death camps.

yankee USA used the same formula after World War 2 to Holocaust at least 1.3 million German civilians and POWs in the No Combat Coward Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadow Death Camps.

Therefore, the yankee is full of shit, has always been full of shit, are evil Holocausters of humanity for profit and power.

Legal axiom:
“The fruit of the poison tree is poison, and can never be made un-poison”.

As the yankee’s invasion and occupation of the Confederacy to include their Illegally in a 158 year long war crime, Illegal occupation of the occupied illegally Republic of Texas is poison fruit of the poison tree of an illegal invasion of a foreign country.

The USA’s illegal occupation of the South Land remains a poison fruit of the poison tree of an illegal invasion to this day.

And ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ is an illegal occupying sub corporation of the illegally occupying USA/DC corporation of the illegally occupied Republic of Texas.

Of course the child raping yankee politicians are all blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery Child Rape Blackmail videos so now the Rothschild’s Crime Cabal from Occupied Palestine runs USA/DC.


The Ole Dog!

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