Important message from Klaus Schwag’s ‘YOUNG GLOBAL LEADER’ Tulsi Gabby

As a political whore

all she can do is lie, so allow the Ole Dog! to paraphrase her self serving drivel and bull shit.

My name is Army Barbie Tutsi Gabby.
I was a whore of Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac where I committed treason against the American people while voting to fund the USA’s Holocaust of God’s little children all over the world.

But now that humans are dying in the millions from the killer jabs, the child raping pedophilia rampant in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac is becoming known, the treason of my political whore brothers and sisters in DC against the American people is coming out, my masters need political whores like me who can play the opposition.

So I made a big to do about pulling out of the Demophile wing of the carrion slurping vulture, and joining the Republiphile wing of the same carrion slurping vulture.

I am saying all the right things I do not mean and will never keep my word to do, so the voting sheeple believe they have someone in their corner and a choice, which they do not.

So “vote” for me and I promise to use lubricant on your annus before I slam that big Red, White and Blue Dick up you bung hole!

I mean it.
Would a political whore lie to you?

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