‘Eric was loved’: Family, teammates mourn death of 13-year-old Killer Jabbed athlete

Eric Homersham, a Grade 8 student at West Island College, died Nov. 9 after collapsing at a school basketball tryout. A cause of death hasn’t been determined. The tragedy has reverberated through his Calgary Wolverines team and among his family and friends. “There’s been an outpouring of support, and they’re grieving because Eric was loved,” […]

US: Confederacy Has ‘Right To Defend Itself’

Well no, what the USA criminal cabal which illegally invaded the Confederacy, Viet Nam. Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Ukraine and many other countries actually said was “US: Turkey Has ‘Right To Defend Itself’” referring to Turkey killing Syrians in the Syrian country USA illegally invaded and has been mass murdering Syrians while illegally occupying […]

You Do Realize Thanksgiving Is A “Witch” Burning, Little Southern Children Gang Raping To Death yankee Celebration?

The Cromwell’s “puritans” chopped a kings head off, made Cromwell king by another name, “Lord Protector”, started numerous wars, holocausted lots of innocent people, tried to wipe the Irish from the face of the earth and force everyone to worship their demonic “god”, as the “puritans” ordered them to, or the “puritans”would kill their asses!~ […]