COVID 2022: Here Comes “The Big Kill” -The Mass Die Off Of The Killer Jabbed

Folks are starting to talk, about three years too late, about putting those who perpetrated the Scamdemic

into prison.




pedophile priest, charlatan preachers,


lawyers, Indian chiefs, Sundy school teachers, politicians,

school board members and school administrators, Twitter Litter criminals,

Face Book enablers,

WHO minions,

UN minions,

everyone who attended the G20

The whores at the FDA,

The 30 shekel bitches and bimbos at the child mass mmurdering CDC,

Media whores,

World wide, national, local, controlled opposition internet whores.

They have ALL, and more have than I have named, Mass Murdered Humans in violation of the 1947 Nuremberg Code, which is a hanging offense.

This needs to be done legally according to the rule of law.

Self Defence is a God Given Right and NO human, NO “government” has the right or true authority to steal the God Given Right of Self Defece from you.

These Demonically possessed evil ass holes are mass murdering humans when they force the Rothschild’s witches brew voodoo killer jab in human’s arms the same as if they shot them in the back of the head with a rifle.

The evil demonically possessed minions of the dark side have proved they will never stop mass murdering humans with the killer jab and manufactured famines of biblical proportions until they are helped to stop.

Nuremberg Common Law Courts MUST be convened world wide, these evil demonically possessed mass murderers and accessories to mass murder must be given fair common law trials, followed by fair hangings.

Examples must be made so the next time some evil demonically possessed usury banker type

decides to mass murder humanity, the memory of tens of thousands of evil F##Ks shitting their pants as their necks snap will deter future 30 shekel whores from taking the coins and bribes to help in the mass murder of humanity.

The Ole Dog!

‘COVID 2022: Here Comes “The Big Kill” -The Mass Die Off Of The Killer Jabbed ‘

The corporate media in America has completely dropped the COVID pandemic narrative in the second half of 2022 — it’s almost as if our corrupt corporate and political elites want you to forget their two-year propaganda campaign to impose universal vaccinations, public masking, and lockdowns.

What has happened? They’re all scrambling to obscure the next stage of the COVID pandemic: The Big Kill.

Mortality statistics from the first half of 2022 have finally been released from a handful of countries— and what started as terrible anecdotal evidence a year ago has now hardened into a nightmarish data-storm.

The Big Kill.

Doctor Roger Hodkinson:

“Shall we forgive and forget?

Absolutely not! I am full of vengeance. I am vengeful. It’s not a time to say I’m sorry. It’s a time to put these bastards in jail. I’m calling it the big kill. It’s the physicians, not just the politicians.”

That’s the phrase Dr. Hodkinson has coined for the rapid increase in excess mortality rates across the vaccinated world.

For example, let’s take a look at the data from Denmark — the increase in excess deaths in 2022 is very serious.


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