COVID 2022: Here Comes “The Big Kill” -The Mass Die Off Of The Killer Jabbed

Folks are starting to talk, about three years too late, about putting those who perpetrated the Scamdemic into prison. HELL NO!!! HANG THEIR MASS MURDERING VIA LOADED SYRINGE ASSES!!! Popes, pedophile priest, charlatan preachers, doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs, Sundy school teachers, politicians, school board members and school administrators, Twitter Litter criminals, Face Book enablers, WHO […]

Rothschild’s Fiefdom In Occupied Palestine Pushes US on Military Action Against Arch-Rival-Iran

The Rothschild’s Fiefdom in stolen and occupied Palestine Terrorist “military” chief has warned Washington that Iran could soon obtain nuclear weapons. Most Americans can not keep their attention on much of anything past about three minutes unless it is a necked tranny doing a dance on the White House front steps for a grade school […]