114 Medical Professionals in Russia Who ‘Died Suddenly’

An English Translation of a Russian Language Compilation (Part 1)

Russia has pursued similar coronavirus policies to the West, including lockdowns and mass ‘vaccination’. Russia developed its own jab, Sputnik V, which is similar to the AstraZeneca ‘vaccine’. Russians, however, proved more reluctant to get jabbed than their Western counterparts. Russian vaccination rates have not gone above 60%, and even achieving this level of coverage required coercive measures. Russian regions imposed vaccine passports and no-jab-no-job policies.

When these toxic jabs are given out, ‘died suddenly’ cases inevitably follow. ‘Died Suddenly’ has become a very common phrase in articles covering deaths and obituaries. Compilers such as Mark Crispin Miller have been documenting these cases as a means to expose the jabs and document the crime-in-progress of giving these experimental injections. As Russia has no equivalent of VAERS or Yellow Card for reporting of jab injuries, good information on this is even harder to get than in the West. Cases of Russian ‘vaccine’-injury are also mostly behind a language barrier for Western audiences. Hence there has been very little coverage of the problems of Sputnik in the West, outside of Riley Waggaman and Miller’s weekly compilations.

Russian compilers have been working to expose possible/probable jab deaths, one example is this document ‘114 Doctors’ about sudden death among medical professionals. It looks as if it was compiled by the website Stop Vaczism, which was shut down at its original web address (which means all the links in the 114 doctors document to this website are unfortunately broken). This document offers a translation of the Russian text, which will be split into 2 parts. The purpose of this translation will be a) to provide more information on sudden death cases in Russia to an English-speaking audience and b) to combat the narrative put out by some individuals in the independent media – mostly those more sympathetic to some of Russia’s foreign policy positions – that Sputnik V is safe.

A note on the data: cases are in age order, starting from the youngest, and some have more data listed than others. Many of these are listed as sudden Covid-19 deaths by the authorities, others are deaths from known jab side effects (such as blood clots). Some are the ‘unknown cause of death’ we have got used to seeing over the past 18 months.


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