Twitter On Lock Out After Mass Resignation Exodus; Operations At Risk-Meanwhile The Ole Dog! Is Still Locked Out of His Twitter Litter Account For Warning Folks With The Truth of the Killer Jab

This means those Twitter Litter folks who helped hide the killer Jabs death dart stats from Twitter users should be hanged for mass murder.

Seems like the truth was public enemy #1 at the “old” Twitter Litter.

As the Musk character

has now been in charge of Twitter Litter

for some time and my account has not been unlocked with a huge apology from the communistic mass murdering killer jabs cheerleading Twitter Litter

It would seem the “new” Twitter Litter is just like the “old” Twitter Litter, with a new for public consumption “face”

The Ole Locked Out of Twitter Litter For Telling The Truth Dog!

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